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Penalties provided for the killing, pursuit or capture of wildlife during the breeding season.

by | May 20, 2022 | News

The Hunting and Fauna Service informs the public that the period from 1 March to 15 August of each year is considered a breeding season and the penalties provided for offenses of killing, arresting, harassing or stalking any kind of wildlife, including the use of wildlife , are particularly strict.

During this period, almost all species of wildlife are in the process of reproduction, which is perhaps the most important phase of their lives. This period begins with mating, followed by nesting, egg laying and hatching for birds and the birth of newborns for mammals and ends with the growth and independence of young birds and mammals from their parents.

At the beginning of the breeding season, the populations of the species are at the lowest level of their annual population and their population increases as we move towards the summer.

The breeding season is considered particularly critical for the condition of the species during the rest of the year while for the prey, a successful breeding season foretells a very good hunting year.

Due to the importance of the period, both the European Directive and the National Legislation are particularly sensitive and strict and in their texts they include provisions that promote and ensure the unimpeded and trouble-free reproductive period.

Given all the above, it is pointed out that the penalty provided for the killing, capture, harassment or pursuit of any kind of wildlife in any way, including the use of rodents, during the above period, is € 8,000. In addition to the above fine, a fine of € 1,000 is added for killing, arresting, harassing or stalking in a restricted hunting area, since at this time all areas are considered as restricted hunting areas.

At the same time, the extrajudicial fine is increased if the following are taken into account:

1. the species of wildlife killed, captured, harassed or persecuted,

2. the number of wildlife species killed, captured, harassed or persecuted; and

3. the time when the offense took place.